what to visit in the dordogne perigord noir - le pont de mazerat

4-star campsite in the Périgord Noir : at the center of the ‘golden triangle’

Between Sarlat, Montignac-Lascaux and Les Eyzies

le triangle d'or : un camping entre Sarlat, lascaux et les Eyzies

A 4-star campsite in the Périgord with an ideal geographical location.

The suitcases are unpacked, the tent is set up, you have visited the campsite and the surroundings. That is when we ask ourselves: but where are we?

Don’t worry! You are not lost. Le Pont de Mazerat is situated at the center of the Périgord Noir, only a few minutes away from all the main tourist sites of the Dordogne.

  • Located between the Vézère valley, known as the Valley of Mankind, and the famous Dordogne valley with its magnificent castles and picturesque villages.
  • We are in the middle of the Golden Triangle, only 10/15 minutes away from the three main towns of the Périgord Noir.

Sarlat : medieval city

Are you looking for a campsite in Sarlat? We are only 10 minutes away !

A must-see town.

Sarlat is the city not to be missed in the Périgord Noir. Stroll through its cobbled streets. Discover its world-famous heritage. Admire its architectural wealth and taste its gastronomy.

Did you know it? Its history dates back to the Middle Ages. It is also the city with the most listed historical monuments per square meters.

Only 12 km from a 4-star Perigord campsite, Sarlat offers a lot of cultural diversity.

  • The Sarlat market, every Saturday morning
  • The Manoir de Gisson
  • Visit the city by night
  • The “Festival des Jeux du Théâtre” (theatre festival)

Find all the news of Sarlat on the website of the tourist office.

Montignac - Lascaux, the town of the famous cave

Lascaux, probably the most beautiful decorated cave, only 15 minutes away.

Crossed by the Vézère river, discover Montignac’s picturesque alleys and monuments made of Périgord stones.

It is a city with a rich history, which goes back a very long way in time. The first vestiges were found 70,000 years ago at the Régourdou site. The cave paintings of Lascaux have been dated to 17,000 years ago. Gallo-Roman remains have also been found.

Why 4 Lascaux :

  • Lascaux I : Named the Sistine Chapel of prehistoric times. It is the original cave discovered in 1940.
  • Lascaux II : The first replica made after the original was closed in 1963. Lascaux II offers a torchlight guided tour, for a more authentic and in-depth experience.
  • Lascaux II I: An international travelling exhibition.
  • Lascaux IV : Full replica. The brand new museum offers a guided tour followed by an interactive itinerary to better understand Lascaux, its paintings and engravings at your own pace.

Book your tickets in advance to save time

Les Eyzies, Cro-Magnon country

All of the Prehistory less than 15 minutes away from the campsite.

Stroll through this village with its troglodytic architecture and exceptional historical heritage.

A village with gold-coloured stones, clinging to the cliff, Les Eyzies is located in the magnificent Vézère valley.

Occupied for thousands of years, Les Eyzies has been named World Capital of Prehistory because of its many archaeological discoveries. It is here that the Cro-Magnon Man was discovered.

Many prehistoric sites to visit.

  • The National Museum of Prehistory
  • The caves of Font-de-Gaume and Combarelles
  • The Grand Roc cave
  • and much more …

The Commarque Castle: Only a few minutes away, between the campsite and Les Eyzies, in our little valley, is one of the most beautiful castles of the Dordogne. Inhabited from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, it is a remarkable and complex site, consisting of troglodytic dwellings, a medieval castle and a cave.

Book your tickets online !

A campsite in the Dordogne, between the Dordogne and the Vézère valleys

The Dordogne valley

Only 25 minutes from the campsite, the Dordogne Valley offers a bountiful heritage and breathtaking landscapes.

History and architectural heritage enthusiasts will be seduced by the richness of the Dordogne Valley.

  • Go back in time with the castles of Beynac, Castelnaud, Les Milandes and many more. Stroll through the superb gardens of Marqueyssac.
  • Wander through their narrow streets and let yourself be charmed by 4 villages awarded the “most beautiful villages of France” certificate.
  • Beynac
  • Castelnaud
  • La Roque Gageac
  • Domme

The Dordogne valley is ideal for enjoying outdoor activities. Follow the many marked trails on foot or by bike. Take a break and watch the canoes and gabarres go by on the Dordogne. Or enjoy the breathtaking views from a hot-air balloon.

The Vézère valley

A 4-star campsite in Périgord Noir near the Vézère.

The Vézère valley has been occupied since the first Humans. It is the valley of prehistory. Not only will you find the splendid Lascaux cave and the village of Les Eyzies but also many other sites to visit.

Follow in the footsteps of the Magdalenians in the village of La Madeleine. Survey the troglodytic habitat overlooking the Vézère at la Roque Saint Christophe. History is part of the Vézère valley. Also go have a look at Le Thot park, the Reignac fortified house, the Régourdou site, the Cap Blanc shelter or Le Conquil.

But that’s not all. The Vézère valley also has breathtaking landscapes and picturesque villages. Follow in the footsteps of Jacquou le Croquant in the village of Fanlac. Take a break on the river banks in Saint Léon sur Vézère, one of the most beautiful villages of France with Limeuil and Saint Amand de Coly.

Like on the Dordogne, you can also canoe down the river or walk along the many hiking trails.

The 4 Perigords and beyond

A campsite in the Périgord, but which one should I choose ?

The department of the Dordogne is divided into 4 Périgords. All of them are different and have their own identity. We are a campsite in the Périgord Noir

  • The Périgord Noir : It takes its name from the truffle but more particularly from the dark foliage of the holm oak forests and the old charcoal mines. It extends over the whole Vézère valley and part of the Dordogne valley in the south-east of the département.
  • The Périgord Pourpre (Purple) : Colour of the vines in autumn. Also called the Bergeracois, the country of bastides and good wine.
  • The Périgord Blanc (White) : It is the colour of the chalky soils and white stones. It is the country of Périgueux and the Isle valley.
  • The Périgord Vert (Green) : The colour of the latter comes from its vegetation. It is the valley of the Dronne and Nontron in the north of the département.

The Lot and Rocamadour

Once you’re settled in at the campsite, why not take it one step further ?

The Lot is right next door. The Dordogne river also runs through the Lot département. Only 1 hour away, you can drive along the roads and discover great UNESCO heritage sites and some of the most beautiful villages in France.

  • Rocamadour
  • The Padirac Abyss
  • The decorated cave of Pech Merle
  • Saint-Cirq-La-Popie

A campsite in the Dordogne. A campsite in the Périgord Noir. A campsite close to all the most famous sites. A campsite between Nature and Culture.