an eco friendly campsite in the dordogne

Why a Nature campsite ?

The Périgord Noir is a region with very rich heritage and biodiversity. It is therefore natural that the whole team of Le Pont de Mazerat dedicates itself on a daily basis to a more respectful approach to the environment.

We are located in the Beune valley in the heart of the Périgord Noir in the Dordogne. It is classified as a Natura 2000 Zone and as a Grand Site de France, due to the presence of protected animal and plant species.

A calm and natural campsite : our environmental policy

Being an eco-friendly campsite is easy !

Concerned about preserving our environment, we have chosen to embrace sustainable tourism.

In order to offer you the best of nature during your stay, we carry out certain actions on a daily basis:

un camping eco responsable : protégeons notre environnement camping le pont de mazerat

Make our customers and employees aware of the fauna and flora on the campsite and promote respect for the environment.

Reduce our impact on this environment by energy, water and waste management.

un eco campingn un camping éco-responsable

Use environmentally friendly materials and products.

un camping eco-responsable le pont de mazerat

Reduce the use of chemical products by using alternative means of cleaning: vinegar, microfiber cloths, ecolabel detergents …

Un eco camping en dordogne périgord noir

Preserve water resources by installing flow restrictors, doing daily searches for leaks, and collecting rainwater.

un camping eco responsable utilisations d'ernergie verte camping le pont de mazerat

Controlling our energy consumption, by installing low-energy equipment and paying attention to the use of our various devices and infrastructure.

Help us to remain a calm and nature campsite.

Nothing could be easier, it’s just like at home.

Help us in our environmentally friendly commitments by adopting simple and clever small gestures throughout your stay.

un eco camping en dordogne le pont de mazerat

Be bright !

Make sure to turn off the lights as soon as you leave your holiday home. Turn off the heating when you open the windows.

un eco camping en plein cœur du Périgord noir en Dordogne

Water is precious !

A water leak, a leaking tap! Warn us. Do not let the water run more than necessary. For  environmental protection reasons (proximity to a stream and to the groundwater table), it is forbidden to wash cars.

on recyle au camping dordogne le pont de mazerat

Sorting your waste is not rocket science !

Let’s sort our recyclable, green and dangerous waste. Use the waste sorting manual.

visiter autrement dans un camping eco en dordogne

Visit differently !

Enjoy our beautiful nature by leaving your car on site. At the reception, you will find information on mountain bike rental and walking tours from the campsite.

We can all take care of our planet and choose a sustainable form of tourism like our nature campsite.